More often than not, our dogs surprise us with their behavior. But be it a good act or a bad one, we just can’t get mad with them.

Mister Matzo of this story seems to be in quite some trouble, but he knows how to get away with it.

His human came back from work and notices that Matzo had made a big mess. He has gotten into the trash can, played with it, and left a mess around the house.

The next logical step would be to school the dog, which she tried to do. But she made a video in the process, which turned to be hilarious. Lucky for us, we get to watch it!


But as opposed to the other dogs who make an apologetic space and try to look cute, this dog found an innovative way to get out of trouble.

In the video, you can hear that the human calls it “slinking away” and it is a very appropriate description of what the dog did.

Different from other dogs, even though he knows he is guilty, he looks at his mom straight in the face, and makes eye contact with her. This is not what most of the dogs would do.

Then, after making eye contact with her, he starts pushing himself away.

And he looks as he were to say, ” No mom, I’m not going anywhere. It’s all in your head. Yes, mom, I’m listening to you.”

Matzo, you’re a clever one!

Watch the video below and share it with friends to brighten up their day.