The video that you can see below this article has gone viral through internet because of these adorable dogs playing fetch in the wheelchairs. These dogs had spinal injuries and that’s why they were given these wheelchairs in order for them to play again.

Being paralyzed, the dogs were unable to walk but now, thanks to these they can walk, chase the ball and play with other dogs. We as humans are here to help other creatures heal and do well in life. Whenever we need someone to cheer us up and love us. We can’t forget dogs that are being neglected in our society.

Although some of us may not be able to offer a place to live or give some money to help, we can raise awareness on the organizations that take care of this issue so that people will be informed and then volunteer or donate to them. The video reminds us that we are not alone in this planet. It’s always some that can help and make us feel good. If you still don’t have any hobby to spend your free time at, try making wheelchairs and donate them to the organizations that take care for animals.

The wheelchairs are becoming a norm although some people are seeing them for the first time. The more that people see this video, the more aware they will be and the owners will be motivated to get outside and play with the dogs and exercise with them.

Videos like this are worth watching and make us realize how valuable it is to help other creatures.