Service dogs are very helpful when it comes to the challenges that individuals face in their everyday life. They can help in picking up things from the ground or open and close doors, pushing wheelchairs and so on. One is lucky to have them around the house and help with the everyday stuff.

Some service dogs, not only help you with the chores but they can also react on the way you feel. They can tell whether someone has low blood sugar or may be in danger of having an epileptic seizure. They are wise and friendly creatures.

Amber Oliver is a professional dog trainer who knows very well the powers of the dog she trained. She personally suffers from heart attacks and her dog knows exactly what to do the moment she experiences that.

Photo: YouTube

Her dog named Oakley spends a lot of time with her and he is able to respond whenever she has a panic attack. However, the dog not only reacts to her but he can also feel what she is going through.

Amber has treated Oakley how to feel the changes in her body temperature, her breathing and pulse and through this he is able to know that she is having a panic attack.

One day when the two were waiting at the airport the camera captured the dog’s reaction to Amber having a panic attack and the video went viral by animal lovers sharing the video everywhere.

The camera shows how the dog moves closely to Amber the moment she is having the panic and starts comforting her and this makes Amber calm down and feel better.

Amber calms down immediately now that she cuddles with Oakley and her panic attack stops.

Click the video below to see this amazing video. Indeed, dogs are a man’s best friend and it is a blessing to have them around.