A mother’s love knows no borders. She would do anything and everything for your young ones.

In the clip that you will see attached to this article, you will see a proof of this statement. You will see a hen, who is absolutely getting soaked from the heavy rain. But she does not seem to worry about herself. She is concerned that her little ones will get wet, and as a consequence get sick.

She uses her wingspan (they look giant in the video) to protect her chicks. In the video, it seems like she had 10 huge extra legs, and she’s using to protect his chicks.

While the rain is pouring down, the little chicks go and find haven under their mom’s wings. And although the clip, might be a little short, you can feel the magic that only the love of a mother for her kids can give.

One commenter on the shared video on social media said, “Some animals are better parents than humans.” Another wrote, “Perhaps one day, they’ll understand all the sacrifices she gladly made out of [love] for them.”

You can watch this adorable video of what a mother can do for her most loved ones.

Please share it with friends and family to remind them how precious moms are, and to thank them of the sacrifices they have committed.

Thank you to all Moms! The love of Moms for kids surpasses all species, and all borders.