Dogs are known for their friendly nature and making new pals. Linguini however, encountered difficulties in expanding his social circle. When Linguini was first brought into the house, the family couldn’t quite figure what is wrong with him as he would surely bump into things from time to time. They thought he was super-energetic however and so didn’t think twice of it. So when they got the news that their dog was blind, they were, needless to say struck by surprise and a wave of sadness.

Apart from his disability however, even vets and let alone ordinary people have difficulties noticing that Linguini is blind because he is so adaptive to his surroundings and navigates very clearly. He never let this disability hold him back from having fun!

He would get super excited when he got to meet new dogs, but this excitement was perhaps perceived as odd by other dogs as they would rarely linger around. Linguini’s owner explained that because he can’t see, whenever he realizes that there is a dog around, he gets super excited about it. Sarah Bowley (the owner) explained that Linguini jumps around and outstretches his paws toward the new friend enthusiastically, and this might be a little bit too much for the other dogs, at least as a first-impression.

Things changed for Linguini when he met his brother, Future! When Sarah and her family brought Future home, they really hoped that things would change for Linguini. Because Future was a highly emotional dog and would perceive others’ emotions around him, they knew (or at least hoped) that the two of them would grow close.

And they were quite right as the two friends are inseparable.

The mother said that this is the most amazing sight to see as they couldn’t believe there would come a day where their dog would play with friends. But these two do everything together- from napping to playing to eating.

Linguini knows that Future is his guide-dog so he follows him around to make sure not to bump into things. Future also knows Linguini is blind so he is happy to take the lead. Above all however, Future treats Linguini equal to other dogs, which is what Linguini probably wanted all along.