It is well known that cats want very special treatment from others. But it is not a big deal for us because they are adorable creatures and we are very fond of them. They make very good pets. They love affection, hugging and cuddling and also scratching. However, this cat wants something more than that.

Sliding down the hardwood floor is like her favorite thing to do now since she first tried it with her owner. The cat is so into this thing and wants to do it again and again.

It’s amazing how she takes the position to do another slide and her owner is very happy to give it to her because he wants her to be happy.

The video is so adorable and will make you watch it over and over again. Other cat owners will probably try to do the same with their cats because it looks so attractive for them.


Cat Loves Sliding Across The Floor


Posted by UNILAD on Sunday, September 2, 2018