Owning a dog is indeed wonderful. They are loving toward us and at times quite manipulative too, knowing exactly what to do to get our attention and to ask for an apology (in the very rare times when they misbehave). Hiding their guilt however is very hard for them; think of an elephant hiding inside a car… Or the elephant in a room… You get the idea. This stems from the fact that they are quite social creatures. Just like humans, they want to please their pack, and any negative vibe they might receive makes them isolated so they try to do their best at behaving well.

For Rooney, he is able to do anything to maintain his peace. Even if this anything involves hiding evidence of his wrongdoing. His owner is missing her reading glasses, and suspecting Rooney chewed them up, without the lenses, she decides to confront him and calls him in for a talk.

Rooney’s response to the classical “Were you behind this wrongdoing?” question was hilarious. This video is worth watching until the end for it is the very best part. If Rooney was my dog, he would most probably get away with anything if he were to pull off a reaction like that.