You have probably found yourself in a situation when you or your friends have had a one too many drinks in a night out and one of you got a little bit rowdy, eventually started to get in fights with the people around. You of course found yourself in a position of trying to break a fight apart. Well, it so happens that humans aren’t the only ones faced with such situations; pets are too.

What do you usually do when a friend has gotten into a fight? Well, the first instinct is to help them out of course. It is the same with this dog. After all, they don’t call a dog a man’s best friend for nothing as it can get us out of several sticky situations.

The best option in a heated argument is of course to turn your shoulder and walk away. When you’re seeing red however and your common sense has failed, you better have this pup to save you and break the fight, like this cat did.

Seriously though this video is so human-like. You can almost hear the animals talking about how it isn’t worth it to get into a fight.

The video shows a footage of a calm dog trying to break apart a fight between his feline friend and another cat. We know that cats have the personality to get confrontational at times, but thank God they had this dog to take matters in his own hand and prevent the situation from escalating. We really aren’t deserving of cats and dogs, are we?


good boy doesn't let a fight break out

good boy doesn't let a fight break outvideo credit: unknow

Posted by Dark Asylum Radio on Saturday, August 11, 2018