We know that when we decide to adopt a dog or any pet, we will forever be bonded to them. They will show all their love and dedication to us and so will we. We stand by each other no matter the consequences, together will go through the good and the bad.

Lauren Gauthier, is a very positive person and her love for animals just might have saved her life. She has always loved animals as such, has dedicated all of her life to save abused and neglected dogs. She has been able to provide second chances for them while working for a dog rescue mission.


She for herself, adopted Victoria a one-eyed coonhound who was abandoned by her family. Since then the two have created a bond that will forever remain adorable. From the first time they met, Victoria and Lauren knew that together they had a special connection and they will forever be there for each other. Soon after, Victoria started to act a little different around Lauren and specially around her face. The dog would smell a weird red spot on her owner Lauren’s nose. Whenever Lauren was with her she should start sniffing the same area and make some reactions that made Lauren think that something is wrong.


A period of time went by and Lauren started to notice a bump and when soon to check it. When she got back the results, she was devastated from the diagnosis she had received The red small that was first noticed by the dog , was a basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer.

Because Victoria was able to identify the red spot in time , Lauren was able to have an operation and remove the cancer before it had the chance to spread and become serious. It is amazing to read and know about this story because it shows how kindness and love can literally Save someone’s life.


In her statement Lauren says:

“The surgery itself has changed my face, and if my dog had not picked up on it, I may have ignored the spot, which could have risked further disfigurement. Hounds have a keen sense of smell but I never thought that I would personally benefit from it!”

Please be careful!

Lauren is of believe that the reason for getting a bump like that is because she has used sun beds for a long time. Thus, she wants everyone to be warned about this situation.

Today, Lauren is healthy now and she is recovering quickly and although she will forever have a scar on her face she does not care. She is forever grateful to her beautiful dog Victoria and their special bond is a gift to her.