A three old puppy named Marshall, has tried to escaped the house where he was living and as soon as he walks out the door he realizes that he had made a mistake. Let’s admit, we all have done things in our lives which we regret, for some of us it takes lifetime to realize it and for some less than that. The same experience seems to happen also for animals.

It is not usual that one regrets something the minute we do it. Well, little pup Marshall seem to be the exception. The pup decided that he wanted to get out of his home on Spokane, Washington and as soon as he managed to get outside, instead of running away, he decided to return to the house and adorably asked to be let back in. The expression on his face when he realized he had made a mistake, is priceless to watch.


When he decides to get back in, he acts in a proper manner scratching the door and even ringing the doorbell by using his cute little nose. The whole action was seen on camera, as the house had surveillance cameras on. In the video, you can see every step that this dog made through this experience.


Lucky for Marshall, someone was in the house and heard the doorbell as such, he was let in. Let us hope that the dog will first think about his actions before he makes a move again.