An animal rescuer, Moonglade Rose, saw a distressed kitten that was in need of medical attention. The kitten was sent to ER and she is healthy now. The cat was named Opie by Moonglade and she took the kitten home with her. Moonglade also has another cat named Andy in the house and she wondered what the reaction of the other cat may be when Opie comes along. However, she didn’t have to worry about that at all.

When Andy heard the kitten’s cries, he ran to help her. He welcomed the kitten into the house and comforted her whenever she needed.

The adorable Andy stayed by his side and let him know he was safe there. It seemed like Opie had now a new big brother.

The two created this strong bond immediately and Moonglade couldn’t believe that Andy had become so affectionate. He clearly adores Opie.

The two cats had a similar sad past and maybe the bond was created based on this. Andy also was found abandoned in a gas station and was saved from near death.

The two cats woke up Moonglade in the morning while meowing for attention. It is not that they need her love that much while they have each other.

Opie was adopted very well to the new home. After every meal, Opie would rest onto Moonglade’s chest  for a nap and it looked like he was very content and happy.

Andy never stayed away from Opie, they were always close to each other. Andy was glad she could take care of the new baby brother. The two rescued cats have found a loving place to stay at.

Now Andy has the new friend that he can cuddle up with. He never lets him out of earshot and always showers with him. Coming from hard conditions , it’s amazing that Opie has now found a home where he is loved all the time.

It looks like the rescue kittens were not only saved by Moonglade, but the kittens themselves saved her. Moonglade says: ‘I was adopted… there’s always been something missing, even after I met my birth family, but Andy saved my life. And now Opie seems to be doing the same for Andy. What goes around comes around’.

Opie has now six weeks that she is living with her new family. She feels happier than ever and they are so lucky to have found each other.