People usually dream of having a cuddly cat or a mischievous dog as pets. A pony would also be amazing if you can afford giving it. However, Grandma Bonnie Hart is different from the others and her sights are much higher. She has bigger goals when it comes to the animals that she takes care of. There is no creature that is too big or too small for her and this is proven by the pets that she takes care of, that are a white tiger and two grizzly bears.

The Tiger Anushka was given to Bonnie as a gift when she was only a cub but Bonnie didn’t go seeking her bears. They also came to Bonnie when they were cubs but they were brought into life by her dog.

While she was sitting on the porch one morning, she saw her black dog by the pond accompanied by two other dogs. When she saw them closer she realized that they were two baby dogs and they have been living with Bonnie ever since.

The tiger Anushka lives in her own enclosure whereas the two bears live in the enclosure next door. Bonnie tries to spend time with them as much as she can. She also feeds and plays with them. She has also introduced the magnificent creatures to her grandchildren.

Bonnie loves the animals so much and she pays so much attention and affection to them. Some people say that what she does is unconventional and her granddaughters may also her it insane but Bonnie wouldn’t change this way of life for anything else.

You can check out the video below to see the amazing story of Bonnie and witness her magnificent animals in action. We would love to see your thoughts in the comment section below.