It is not every day that we hear about dogs wanting to hang out at the local library and stealing books rather, we might be more familiar with dogs usually stealing shoes. Well, the story of a stray dog in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil is an exceptional dog.

He was hanging out at the local library when he decided to pick a book and run away with it. And from all the books he could have chosen, he decided to pick one that best represented his situation. The book was called; “ Days of Abandonment, a novel that was written by Elena Ferrante which tells the story of a woman being abandoned by her husband. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps! This dog, is a stray dog and it is abandoned by his own family, the book resonate with him and probably it is why he was drawn to pick it.

The door picked the book and was standing outside of the library with a book in his mouth, when a person passing by noticed the fact and immediately ran to the front desk to return the book. Although the two could not believe that the dog was the one to commit such “crime”, they were convinced after watching the video cameras.

Lucky for this dog, the local animal rescue group heard about this smart dog and they decided to take care of him. He was given a bath and taken to a vet, and now he is waiting for his forever family to come along.

We never got to know the dog’s name or we do not even know if he had one, but if we were to choose the dog should be named, Kismet which means destiny, fate.

Da história “o cachorro que roubava livros” só tem na Infinity, galera! 😂🐶

Posted by Infinity Livraria on Friday, March 16, 2018