Winter times are even more beautiful due to the snow outside which makes the places magical. As soon as we see the snow, we start dreaming of the snow angels, snowballs and building the big snowman. Completing the whole look of the snowman is an amazing feeling and the idea of it getting destroyed by someone can be quite devastating.

You would probably feel sad if somebody destroys out of spite the snowman that you built. However, that wouldn’t be the case if a beautiful dear that wanders out of wilderness admires the carrots you have put in the snowman’s face. You wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

As the deer is walking towards the snowman, it sniffs at the icy figure and it’s clear that she has never seen anything like that before. While she is sniffing at the snowman, she can smell something enticing but has no idea where that comes from.

When she chomps out of the snow, she notices that it is not the snow that she was smelling but then she sees the nose. .

While she nudges the carrot, the nose falls to the ground and the deer looks at it as if she has struck gold. She eats the carrot right away and begins looking for more yummy carrots to eat. And it looks like the deer is lucky since the snowman’s head is built with a bunch of carrots looking like red hair.

There is another deer that comes along but it is told to stay away from the snowman. It looks like the deer is protecting the snowman as her meal and there is no one that can take it from her.

After she makes sure that she has eaten all the carrots there, the deer destroys the whole snowman to make sure if there is anything left from the carrots. The future snowman should be aware of this deer because she knows the yummy secret!

You can watch the whole video by yourself and see how the deer demolishing the snowman. Probably the mom of the kids that built the snowman had to explain carefully what happened to the snowman they built.