A record from a hidden camera shows the latest glimpse of life for a bear called Napa. The life of Napa changed for the better this year.

In the video can be seen Napa standing up on his hind legs in his sleeping quarters while he is happily scratching his back on the wall.

This is one of the pleasures that the 20 year old bear has been given since people started to work together in order to give him something  he never thought of having  before, that is access to rolling hills, fresh air, trees and sunlight.

Rescuers from Four Paws International arrived at Napa’s small enclosure. This bear was the last retired circus bear in Serbia. Napa stopped performing in circuses in 2009, the time when the country banned the use of the wild animals in circuses. After this, the bear was waiting to get the freedom, while being stuck on concrete behind bars.

This day finally happened.

Napa arrived at his new home in Switzerland after travelling about 1,000 miles for 28 hours. The home has a view of the Swiss Alps.

Napa was in awe after seeing his new home.

Claire LaFrance, a director of communications for Four Paws spoke for The Dodo at the time:

“While we may not know all the details of Napa’s previous life, we do know it involved a small cage, lack of veterinary care, neglect and boredom. Now Napa has an appropriate home for a captive-bred bear where he can run, climb and even swim all under breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps.”

Since he came here, the awe of Napa has turned into an inner serenity and comfort.

People visiting the sanctuary have seen Napa taking dips in his own personal pool.

The Napa not only enjoys the luxuries of space and beautiful surroundings but he also can rely on expert veterinary care. This is not something that any animal can get.

The sanctuary also noticed a moment where Napa went to observe a group of cows close to a fence.

Napa is also trying to find the best trees in the property, the trees that will give him the best back scratches.

The setting where the bear is staying looks stunning and there is no place that the bear could look better.

Hopefully, Napa will enjoy many years to come in beautiful and luxurious places like these.

Auch Bären juckt es manchmal…

Auch Bären juckt es manchmal 🐻 Was aussieht wie ein Morgentanz, ist in Wahrheit Napa’s Lösung für ein kratzendes Fell…😉#Napa #arosabärenland #arosa #esjuckt #lösung

Posted by Arosa Bärenland on Tuesday, August 28, 2018