When getting a dog you need to make sure you train them in a proper way. Commands like sit, stay and paw can make the owner’s life easier. Aside from these standards, some people try to teach their pets some extra fun activities.

Bailey the Beagle is Mike’s dog and he takes the stage of the David Letterman show to show off his unique trick. The show was dedicated to dogs with unique talents and Bailey for sure stole the show with his simple but memorable talent.

Beagles are quite stubborn which means it takes longer to train them when comparing to other breeds. However, these dogs are very intelligent. The owner of Bailey  did an amazing job in training him and teaching him the fantastic ‘party tricks’ to share with the audience.

When the host asks Bailey what he is going to do in the show, he replies that he is going to play the dead. A lot of pets know how to actually play the dead. That means they just lay down on the floor and roll on their backs. However, David is not aware that Bailey is so good at playing that role.

After getting the command, Bailey drops his body into the position of the dead and everyone starts laughing. No one knew that he is going to respond in that way.

David is surprised how Bailey was able to make the hilarious sketch from just a simple command that he gets.

You can watch the video yourself, to see the whole thing.

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