Having a parrot in your house can be fun, they all have strong personalities and when trained well you can even have a conversation with them. However, it turns out that some even have strong attitudes and it may be difficult to come into an agreement.

This is exactly what happened with the video you are about to watch. A beautiful Cockatoo, named Pebble, decides that she does not want to listen to her owner who has asked her to get into the cage. Instead she starts loudly arguing with him and throws a fit, for no particular reason. The discussion between the two is hilarious to watch!


In the video you can hear the parrot rambling because she does not want to get into the cage , and it seems that she had other plans. It is too easy to understand what she is trying to say but you can notice by her attitude and the sound of the voice that she is not happy and does not want to get back into the cage and that is that.

The video becomes funny when at one point the owner asks Pebble is she is having an attitude, and her response is hilarious. She says: “ Ya, that’s right!” Showing that the bird has already made her mind that this is how it wants to react and she is not afraid to do so. She is not happy with taking orders from anyone and will fight for her belief no matter what.


Pebble, is a parrot that did not have an easy life. For the last 20 years, she has been in foster homes thus, moved from one house to another very often. It is now that she has found a home where she is loved. She gets very moody at times, but it may be understandable because she has not had an easy past.

In comparison to other types of parrots, Cockatoos are not that good in mimicking human speech and sometimes it is not easy to understand them. In many cases they are not accurate when imitating sounds and words. This can be noticed in the video as well, as you may have some difficulties trying to understand what she is saying at all times.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that although Pebble can sometimes be a pain and have attitude like this, she is still a wonderful and loving bird!