Dogs are one’s best friend, they give you unconditional love and will forever be there whenever you need them. These feelings become stronger when these dogs are service dogs, because besides having all the above-mentioned qualities they will help you go through traumatic times and help you around different chores. In which case, they become your best buddy.

David Guindon was very connected to his buddy Zeus. He got Zeus to help him around every day to perform daily tasks and the two were inseparable. One tragic day in 2014, Zeus wondered away from his home in California. This situation made David very sad! He called every police station, veterinarian office and put out posters just to find his wonderful dog. But for the longest time there was no sign of Zeus. Because of how close the two were, David even went far to hire a dog detective in order to find his dog, but no luck.

After one year and a half went by, a women tried to re-register Zeus’s microchip and this is when David got a phone call. The company was calling David ask for his permission to change the chip, but David was not having it.

He immediately wanted his dog back, he called the women and asked for her to give the dog back. The women refused and yet again David was just devastated. However, a week later the woman seem to have changed her mind and decided to give the dog back.

The next morning, Zeus and his owner David reunited and it is the most wonderful thing to see. David was very happy and so was the dog.