Simon Cowell is known for his blunt comments that are sometimes even considered harsh. Everyone participating in one of the six talent shows he is a judge on fears Cowell’s comments. In addition to the jury job, he also happens to be the principal founder and chief executive of the British entertainment company, Syco.

What many people don’t know about him however is that Cowell is also working hard with PETA in an attempt to raise awareness about adoption over purchase (he himself rescued two small terriers), and the need to start leaving dogs in hot cars. He has also expressed his disgust toward fur trade.

Recently, he has donated over $30,000 to an organization that fights against the dog meat industry. The money was donated to Humane Society International (HSI) and aided towards saving the lives of 200 puppies who are spared from killed and harvested for food.

The organization posted on Twitter about Cowell’s generous donation, stating that he had donated $32,575 which helped the organization shut down the 13th meat farm in South Korea, saving more than 200 dogs. They also expressed praise toward Cowell’s actions.

Cowell has previously publicly expressed his disgust about the meat industry as well. He publically supported the #EndDogMeat campaign and a dog eating festival in Yulin, China.