While an interview was happening in a television, something unusual appeared out of nowhere. The scene happened in Finland while the TV host Joanna Kuvaja was doing the interview Matial Salo, a horse racing coach at Salo Stable. The host didn’t expect to be interrupted by one of his animals while doing the interview. It wasn’t actually a horse that came to say hello to Joanna but it was Matias’ stable cat. The adorable cat wanted to say welcome to the reported and be affectionate with her human.

While Solo was answering the questions in the interview, the cute kitty jumped to Salo’s lap and gave a big hug to him. The cat jumped around merrily while the two were doing the interview, while clambering upon Joanna and Matias, too. In the microphone you can also hear some of the purrs that it makes.

This was surprising for Joanna and she said ‘“I can’t say anything because of the purring… Do I have something on my shoulder?”

The whole scene is so adorable and you can watch it by clicking in the video below.

Koska kissavideot.

Posted by MTV Ravit on Wednesday, October 12, 2016