This man noticed a kitten that was struggling while in a storm and he did what he thought should do to go there and rescue it.

The roads were covered with water during a storm raging in Tallin, Estonia. All the people were trying to get home so that they can be safe and warm in their places.

While the storm was getting harder, it became more difficult for the tiny feline to make it safe to her place. The kitten was struggling so much and was getting washed up against the wall as the storm was raging on.

While the kitten was going through this difficulty, she received a very lucky break from this man.

The kitten was spotted by two men that were driving along the same street. The driver stops the car right away and went towards the cat through the water.

He gets the poor cat out of that place and brings it to the car. He also took the cat to a shelter and made sure that the cat was in a safe place adopted by a caring family.

You can watch the whole scene in the video below.