It was quite an ordinary day for Daniel Martino until hi slippers went missing and he had to play detective to figure out who had done it. Through numerous interrogation systems, he managed to narrow down the guilty pair to two of his dogs. After further questioning, he managed to find the guilty dog.

He started by lining up the two dogs and began the interrogation. Now, under any other circumstance, you would try to hide if you were the culprit but this wasn’t the case with the dogs. Oh no, the guilty one was overcome with shame, and it was pretty obvious that he had been the one to chew up the shoe.

First, the dogs were sitting on his feet. Martino then showed the dogs the chewed up slippers and had to figure out which one of them had done it.

Daniel proceeded to ask “Who’s done it? Which one of the two of you was it?”

It was then that the pit bull started to hide behind his Dachshund pal. At one point, he even tried to bury himself in the plant pot. Needless to say, it didn’t take Martino long to figure out the culprit.