If you have a dog, then you know how easy it comes for you to love them. What usually doesn’t happen however, is for them to respond when you tell them you love them. After all, we all talk to our pets as if they understand us, expecting no response back. However, this woman tells her Frenchie puppy how much she loves her, and the puppy- in her own way- responds!

The Frenchie, wrapped up in a knit jumper, is sitting on her mom’s lap when the mom proclaims “I love you”. What comes next is striking! The dog responds, loud and clear, with an “I love you” back! The mom loses it (just like all of us watching) and starts crying. It is as if a baby has said their first word, only more amazing, because the puppy said a whole sentence in a language that isn’t even his native language!

To check that it wasn’t a coincidence, the woman says “I love you” again, and the dog responds loud and clear the same way. She doesn’t look to perplexed either, as if talking the human language is a normal thing!