Let’s face it. Dogs will always be dogs. They are prone to get themselves into weird sorts of mess, whether it is playing around with a shoe, looking for a treat, or just exploring for curiosity’s sake! Just take a look at Charlie and her sister below- dad is certainly not happy!

Dad demands to know who made the mess so he confronts his two dogs. While one of them is actually wearing the stuffing from whatever it was that they tore apart, dad still gives them the benefit of the doubt and asks the question.

He asks one of the dogs, Charlie if he knows who it was. Charlie, the snitch, points directly at his sister. Well, that was an easy and short interrogation for sure. The mystery is solved after Charlie didn’t think twice about turning his sister in in a matter of seconds. Imagine if every mystery was solved this easily- life would probably be a piece of cake!

These Dogs Solve A Challenging Whodunnit

Finally – TV's greatest mystery is solved!

Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos on Thursday, December 8, 2016