Funny dog videos are by far my favorites. Sure, I am a fan of rescue stories but funny videos of dogs are the best way for me to relax. This video is exactly that. Meet a dog who does a perfect impersonation of a chainsaw. Maybe, just maybe, he thinks he is one himself!

There have been ongoing debates about whether this video is real or not. Regardless, it is super funny. Perhaps this dog was either a lumber jack in a previous life or he just has these strange connections with tools.

Dogs in my opinion can sense when we need a laugh. For those of you who own dogs, do you agree? Is your dog also good at cheering you up? For example, the two dogs I have like to lick my nose (and entire face for that matter), and constantly bring toys to me so that they can play fetch.

What about this Chainsaw dog though? Do you think he is doing a great job at impersonating a chainsaw? Do you think it is indeed the dog making those noises? Let us know in the comments section!