Every being has dreams, including donkeys. This funny ad about a donkey aspiring to be one of the Budweiser’s Clydesdale horses has touched the hearts of many people who has seen it.

The commercial shows a donkey who struggles to be noticed by the Clydesdale horses who rule on his farm. Budweiser is known for its horses among the farming communities ever since 1933 when they started their horse team. Consequently, such horses have been the subjects of their commercial often.

The donkey tries every method there is to impress the horses, including a ‘Clydesdale walk’, a ‘Clydesdale pull’ and even adds hair extensions for his legs. His effort however eventually pays off as he grants himself a final interview with his heroes.

At the interview, the donkey sets a great example of how you can achieve your dreams with hard work. Watch the horses’ final response which will have you on the floor laughing!