A granny wanted to get her energy positive out and her dog was happy to join in. The elderly woman is seen sitting on her wheelchair when she suddenly starts clapping her hands and singing in her native language.

Surprise, surprise, her dog joins her seconds after. Not in singing mind you, but rather dancing!

If we didn’t see it for ourselves we would most probably not believe this. But not only does this dog dance, he also sits on his butt, wiggling his tail, and swinging his body from side to side. Looks like he is having the time of his life! Though he could stop at any time, and at times he does to catch his breath, he picks up the beat again and starts dancing.

Dogs seriously are the sweetest creatures ever and we are lucky if we have one in our lives. This video (and this dog particularly) makes me want to get up and dance too. Or at least clap my hands and tap my foot.

Hats off to this lady who made a dance look this fun! She is living proof that age is just a number for a young soul lives on forever.

Dog Dances to Grandma's Singing

It looks like they’re having an amazing time! 😂🐶👵Credit: JukinVideo

Posted by NTD Television on Wednesday, June 13, 2018