Everybody, meet Lucas the spider! If you fear spiders, we encourage you to read further for this article and particularly this cute spider is about to remove you fears. Animator Joshua Slice decided to do an animation of the spider; the animation is so good in fact that it can easily beat up Pixar animations! I think at least. What is even cuter is the fact that Joshua asked his nephew, also named Lucas to voice the spider.

He posted this alongside with the description that this is an animation he has been working on for a while and he is responsible for the design, modelling, rigging, animation, lighting, and rendering.

Lucas, the baby spider, is seen coming in full picture in the video as he declares he has too many eyeballs before spotting his web and running back to it again. It is however a short scene, and people have expressed their desire for a full-on show starring Lucas. People have gone as far as actually developing plots and arrange casting. I would for sure watch this!

This short scene is indeed reminiscent of Pixar’s short films. We encourage the company to take on Lucas’ films too for they are going to be in high demand for sure!