Animals are said to have a sixth sense that us humans lack. They are considered by many to be able to predict something before it actually happens. Brittany Smith Osborne together with her friends visited the Potawatomi zoo in Indiana and got an experience of an animal showing his sixth sense by sensing that she is pregnant.

Natasha was taking selfies next to the tiger’s cage when the latter was so eager to approach her. She didn’t know why the tiger was behaving that way until her friend suggested an idea. She said maybe it knows you are pregnant so it’s trying to check out your belly!

Intrigued by the idea, Natasha stands up and places her belly against the glass. The tiger immediately started to sense her belly, sniffing it, and putting its face next to it. It clearly knew there was a baby inside, and perhaps its maternal instincts had kicked in.

As soon as it ends the sniffing process, the tiger slowly returns back to where he came from, leaving Natasha completely astonished by the encounter.

Clearly, the baby’s spirit animal will be a tiger.