Dogs can get pretty exciting when they see another dog. This Dachshund was quite surprising when made a new best friend.

Lana is a puppy everyone would love to have. She is very energetic and loves playing with every person she meets. She is very curious especially to different species and animals of big size.

What raised the interest of Lana was an encounter when she met a lone cow in the field. It was the first time that she was seeing such a large animal and considering her tiny frame, you would expect most dogs to freak out and run away.

She looked very interested and wanted to meet this big bovine and say hello to her.

The puppy hopped around the cow and they became friends right away.

The cow also wagged her tail happily and started following Lana at the field. She looked so eager to play with her new chum.

Animals love making new friends no matter what species they may be.

You can watch the whole scene in the video below.