Whale watching may sound awesome in paper but in practice it is rather frustrating. This is because there aren’t many whales in the water as there are fish, and even if you happen to be nearby a whale-populated area, there is no guarantee that you will get to see one. That is why this man’s footage is one of a kind.

This guy together with his crew, were drifting in their inflatable boat in Pondoland, South Africa, when the most amazing thing happened to this photographer. He caught a footage of a 40-ton humpback whale leaping through the ocean in an awesome 180-degree performance.

I would most definitely loved to have been on this kind of a trip. I have gone whale watching before, the most recent one being in Bar Harbor, Maine when I visited with some friends. Off topic, I’d highly recommend the place; it has amazing shops too!

I am positive that the people who witnessed this live will remember the event for a lifetime. It is such a wonderful memory to keep for a lifetime (and luckily for these guys, a visual proof too)!