Lucky Star , is the name of the seal who for four month has been strangled by finishing net and was in serious danger and had no way of escaping the predicament on his own. The Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust located in England, had spotted the situation but they were unable to help the seal for four month as he kept escaping into the waters.

The first time the team tried to help, they started the procedure to unleash the seal from the finishing net, however, Lucky start fled into the ocean. The staff who was helping out Dan Jarvis and Sue Sayer were devastated and heartbroken. Nevertheless, they did not give up on the situation, they continued to monitor Lucky Star and hoped that soon he would appear onshore.

Lucky Start was seen a couple of times by the team, but it was never easy to reach him out. Finally, after four months from the first discovery, a volunteer on the trust spotted Lucky Star and immediately the rescue team came to help. Jarvis was able to hold Lucky Start in one place while Sayer cut the rope around the neck. This was a so waited moment that the seal’s life was saved. When he was liberated from the fishing net, Lucky Star understood the pain he was going through for all those four months.

After the wound was cleaned and treated with medication, the team released Lucky Star into the ocean and so he began again to have a chance for a normal life. The seal was very lucky to have been saved by the team, unfortunately there a high number of animals who die because they are entangled.