Good Samaritan one day encountered a dog who was just walking around in his yard in western Michigan. At first, he thought that the dog was abandoned because owners did not want to care for it, but he found out it was a different reason soon after he read the note in the dogs’ collar.

Ghost, the abandoned dog was given a note in the collar by his former owner, the note reveals the circumstances to why the dog was let go. After reading the note, Good was very saddened to know that the dog had been abandoned because the former owner suffered a medical condition and could not care for him anymore. Good assumes that the note was really written by the former owner.

Ghost was not let go because he was unwanted from the former owners, rather he was let go to find a better home that could take care of the dog better because the owners was not able to do so anymore.

After reading the note, Good decided to contact an rescue animal shelter who helps animals in need. The found of the shelter, Carri Shipaila met Ghost and immediately read the note, she understood immediate that this was not an ordinary abandonment , she was saddened to understand the reason behind this situation. Shipaila believed the note as it was written from the heart and it was sealed so it avoid moisture, and here she knew that there has to be more to this story.

Ghost was immediately put in a foster home, and Shipaila soon after put out a public appeal to help find the owner in order to understand better the situation. First know if the note was actually written by the owner. And second, if the owner suffered the stroke potentially she can help out.