We have witnessed numerous videos of dogs being reunited with their moms and dads, but because they are so adorable we can never get enough. There something about the dogs’ reactions and excitement that gets us every time.

Miss Poppy had not seen his dad for two month as he was away on a work rip for two months. The puppy waited every day to see if his dad was returning home. Needless to say even her dad Michael Tully had missed the little puppy as it was too long without having the opportunity to play silly and snuggle with his dog.

YouTube/Michael Tully

One day, Miss Poppy’s mom got close to her and told her that she had a surprise. The dog excited could not wait to see her dad as she knows what the surprise is. Soon after, she saw her dad come home and started to jump from excitement. Her dad is Back!

YouTube/Michael Tully

Miss Poppy cannot contain herself, she jumps into her dads bad and starts to make sounds like she is scolding him for being away for this long. And the reaction is just so adorable to watch. That night she went to bed right way as she was just so excited and tired herself from all that jumping around.