Sheep stuck in a tire swing tries to run away; its reaction...

Sheep stuck in a tire swing tries to run away; its reaction is giggle-worthy


Sheep are quite adorable. Their gentle nature and oh-so-soft wool makes them a child-favorite farmyard animal. Let’s face it however; from time to time they can be a little silly for sure! Such is an example of the sheep in this video which manages to get himself stuck on a tire swing!

The farmer freed the sheep soon after, no worries about that! It was sure worth taking a video however, to make us all laugh. The farmer never thought he would come across such a sight one of the days when he went to check on his flock of sheep. Perhaps the sheep was just trying to have some fun exploring dangerous territories and it somehow managed to get itself stuck.

Sheep for sure can be adventurous. Perhaps this particular one was getting tired of jumping over fences so it decided to try and jump a tire instead. Sadly, it never managed to cross it properly as his back legs caught on the other side.

Trying to escape, the sheep looks like he is swinging himself back and forth in the air, totally failing at escaping however. The other sheep look curiously around, wondering what their fellow is up to.

The farmer, perplexed at the sight, decided to take out his camera and film the whole situation. It isn’t every day you come across a swinging sheep now is it? Soon after however, he decided to free the sheep and end its unintended swing.