A dog kept escaping from her wire cage; owner decides to set...

A dog kept escaping from her wire cage; owner decides to set up a camera to see how she does it [Video]


Ash Jordan’s beloved pup passed away in 2017 and she wasn’t the only one left heartbroken after his passing. Her other dog, Zeke was struggling equally. Jordan knew that there was only one thing she could do to ease both of their pain.

She decided to get another dog- Nova. Ever since joining the family, Nova has brought excitement in Jordan’s and Zeke’s lives. That is especially true when it comes to her revealing her talents as a master escape artist!

It seems that no matter what method she tries and how much she tries to train him, Nova doesn’t seem to stay inside her crate, no matter what. Whenever Jordan leaves for work, by the time she has come back, Nova has managed to somehow escape the wired cage.

This has happened so often that Jordan is beginning to believe her dog has some kind of magical powers.

There have been circumstances when Nova managed to escape the cage even though there were very heavy things in front of it. Other times, even if they zip-tied the cage, Nova managed to find a way to break lose.

Jordan was getting tired of the fact that every time she came home, she’d find the house turned upside down because Nova had managed to escape her cage. So she decided to set up hidden cameras to figure out just what trick her dog uses. She said that they had even tried to switch cages as they thought there might have been some faulty ones. When that didn’t work either, she turned to cameras, for real.

So once when she came back from work and she found Nova out of her cage again, she decided to take a look at the camera footage. What she saw was amazing.

In the video, we can see Nova inserting her paw between the wires of the cage. After a few attempts and unlatching it, she even uses her teeth to grab the door, lift the cage up an inch, then nudge it open with her nose, and “escape” from it.

Jordan even posted the footage on Facebook saying: “My Nova girl is a little Houdini! We’ve tried different cages thinking it was the cage but nope she’s just so smart she knows how to open the doors.”

When she isn’t undertaking missions of these nature, Nova likes to snuggle up with her mom and her older brother. Even though she has an odd way of showing it, Jordan says, Nova loves her family very much and needs them nearby in order to be happy and assured.

Jordan says that Nova is a little diva. She likes to sleep with her human at night, curled up under the blanket.

Now, if Jordan wants to keep Nova inside the cage, she will have to put up a padlock on it. Jordan says that this padlock technique is working great so far but it might not be long before Nova realizes how to escape from a padlocked cage. And then, we don’t know what the next suggestion for Jordan would be. Let’s just hope Nova’s escaping abilities are confined to a simple cage.